Back from Vacation (kind of)

Guess who’s baaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkk?!

With the summer nearly completed and everyone headed back to their respective colleges and universities and thus stuck in front of computers until Thanksgiving break, I thought it would be the perfect time to get back into the blogging swing.

Actually, this longer-than-intended break is the combined result of a spiderweb crack in my laptop screen, relatively incredible weather here in northwest Ohio and my “ehh, I’ll do it tomorrow” mentality towards Gross Thoughts. But, with only six days left of my summer vacation, I thought to myself, “What better way to spend my time than yammering my random sports opinions to complete strangers?” Wait….

Anyway, I’m really hoping to get some serious input from anyone reading my posts as to what kind of content you guys want to see. Whether it’s high school, college, pro in any sport, or just something you’d like to see more of….PLEASE. COMMENT. I’d be more than happy to give the public what they desire. I’ll try to incorporate more links, videos, interactive media (polls, etc.) and all that jive as I get a better handle on this WordPress setup that I am admittedly not a master at.

Having said that, I’ll be attaching a link to this post on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to comment on here with your thoughts and concerns or reply on both of those bastions of social media/hubs of procrastination. Seriously. Comment. Do it now.