Take It from the Top

Well, it’s certainly been a looooong time since my fingers have rapped the keys and I’ve put thoughts to keyboard on this blog of mine. For the very minute few of you that actually wondered if I’d forgotten about this blog, the answer is no.

I’d explored other options with the blog after certain people read my AAC preview and as full-time employment opportunities arose, so too did my level of concentration on things other than this site. I know it’s not much to behold when you see it but it’s something important to me.

Having said all that, I truly do want to get more involved in this and hone my writing and abilities. The only ways to improve and thrive in the business of sportswriting and journalism is to be smart, work your ass off and be the best you absolutely can with all the ability/work ethic you can muster. I’m not saying I’m going to be Wright Thompson or Rick Reilly or Peter King or anybody like that. But those guys work their asses off and I’m going to try and do that too.

This blog started out as just a vague sports-related site for me to stream-of-consciousness blather on about every possible thing. I think I’d like to perhaps narrow it down to college football/college hoops with a smattering of NFL/NBA mixed in. It’s going to be a lot of Buckeye-related talk and a lot of what I love.

Words don’t describe enough how much I want your input on this. PLEASE. Tell me what you want to read about. Tell me what you want to see (more videos, more links, etc.). Just because these are my thoughts doesn’t mean I don’t care about the opinions of those who are reading them. (Unless they disagree with me. Then screw ’em).

With that, I bid adieu for this post. Please comment below with any thoughts/ideas/concerns/questions. I would be overjoyed to answer them!